Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

It looks like a great healthy summer breakfast. 🙂

My Culinary Saga

Strawberry Smoothie

I love mornings. To me, it is the most cosmic time of the day. The air is at it’s purest form and the perfect time to cleanse your mind and kick start another busy day.  The other reason I look forward to mornings, are BREAKFASTS. If I have to, I can go without food the entire day but can NEVER skip breakfast.  However, weekdays are early mornings and busy, leaving me with very little time to grab a lavish breakfast.

So I look for something that doesn’t consume much time preparing and also filling to get me started. This refreshing strawberry smoothie takes only a few minutes to prepare, and is ideal as a nourishing start to the day. Strawberries are not only naturally sweet but also an excellent source of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant & helps maintain the immune system and also helps slowing down the aging…

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